Healing Energy with Michelle and Uriel

Healing Energy with Michelle and Uriel

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Arch Angel Uriel channels his beautiful healing energy through me to assist me with the healings. I invite AA Raphael, AA Metatron, and Jesus to assist me,as well as Gaia, after the healing I ask AA Michael to cut the cords that bind us, and ask God to allow the healing. The healings are all divinely guided. We wrap you in our golden light...you will feel it...and hold you there while we raise your vibration, remove all negative energies in and around every cell in your cellular structure then work on your physical ailment. The healings have met with great success thus far, according to God's plan (one animal was due to cross over, and could not be saved, but of course we do what we can within the boundaries that God allows).

To book a healing session with us ($80.00 US) please message us here and include your phone number. I have included a video of us where you will see our golden light in action.

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