Soul Painting - Digital Version

Soul Painting - Digital Version

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Receive a Digital Version of your Souls Expression


I will ask to see your Soul and create what is shown to me through my third eye on a digital paint program.

A 600 x 800 completed image will be sent to the email provided in your purchase (your paypal email).

Allow 1-5 days for completion. 


This can be done for You, Family, Friends, a Significant other, and your Animal companions.


More About a Soul Painting-

Each painting is very individualized and unique; no single one is the same, just like you, and your soul. The soul layer is what allows an individualized experience. It carries the information from the experiences it has gone through from embodiments. Therefore, it is fairly ever changing as it's expression changes via experiences.

What will be expressed to you can be a number of things; it may show colors, shapes, and flow that you're working with immediately in your now, it may show it's(your) preferred overall expression, or it may show colors and flow that would be beneficial for you to be using in your now.It will be what is to your greatest benefit.

Seeing your Soul's Expression can help you remember forgotten aspects of yourself, help you feel centered and at ease, reconnect you to a deeper part of yourself, and can generally induce immense healing.


One soul expression per order

Only the soul expression will be painted for this order - Offer coming soon for including beings that are around you or guides

If you would like multiple soul expressions in one portrait please specify that in a message. Separate orders must be made for each soul - but I can combine multiple in one portrait


For questions and order specifications contact me at

Blessings & Love



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