Joint Channel and Healing Session with Ivan and Nick

Joint Channel and Healing Session with Ivan and Nick

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Nick's Distant Energy Healing Technique consists of the following.

- Channeled Energetic Healing connects through my physical body to assist you in Healing and Activating the Crystalline Core within your Body.

- The Sources of my Energy Healing come from, but are not limited to:
   - The Holy Spirit 
   - The Crystalline 12th Dimension 
   - The Guardian High Counsel and Pillars of Light Realm (aka The Counsel of Elders)
   - The Angelic Dimension
   - The Ancestral Realm
   - The Golden Codex Realm (Quantum Light Codes)
   - The Photonic Center of the Sun (The Source of our Visible Light Spectrum and the Physical 3rd Dimension)
   - Ascended Master Buddha and his Soul Rings (Heals all Blockages within a specific Chakra)
   - Direct Source/Prime Creator Energy (Source/Prime Creator Overrides the Energetic Flow and I take a back seat to the Energy Healing Session)

- This Energy work stays Active within the Body anywhere from Three weeks to Four Months (Each Session Varies. Each Client's Higher Self regulates the Energetic Healing Download)

- I Astral Project to your Higher Self, I start the Channeled Connection, and then work from there.

- Human conditions such as Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Self Doubt, any Self-Defeating attitude are greatly decreased with each session.

- Each Session is followed by a Channeled Session from Ivan. A spirit Being of choice can be called upon to further discuss the details on the Healing Session, share a message from Spirit, and answer any questions that may come up.